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A picture paints a thousand words, how many does a video paint?

Posted on 29 April 2014

We want you to get the most out of the system. So we have been working hard and created videos to help you learn the system in a quick and simple way. No jargon, no long winded explanations and they're definitely full of useful information. 

Here's a list of the latest ones 

It is vital to keep building your customer information and adding to your database to ensure that even the coldest leads can be warmed up and kept in touch with. In this video we show you a quick way of adding a contact to the system.  

To allow you to send emails from the system you have to enter the contact preferences. If you have forgotten to add it... well here we are pleased to say (and show you) that you can add it in afterwards and in bulk so you don't have to manually go through all of your contacts.

We always suggest to get the system ready for any bulk uploads you make of your customer information or if you really wanted to send personalised messages to your customers to add custom fields. These not only enable you to create personal messages or calls to your customers but you can report on that relevant information. This video shows you how to create them!

Grouping your contacts is a great way to help you organise your information and make the day- to- day sales and marketing message manageable and clear. Here you will be shown the multiple ways that we offer you to create groups depending where you are in the system. For example, if you wanted to group contacts through an email report allowing you to target them on a product link they may have clicked on.  

Whether you have added a new customer to your database and want to add them to a group or need to add multiple ones to a group. This videos shows you two ways in which you are able to do this either through the contact section or group. 

Organisations allow you to start networking your information. Here we show how to add an organisation to the system. 

If you have multiple contacts that belong to one organisation you can easily link them making it easier and clearer for you to conduct those sales or marketing calls/emails. The video highlights 3 ways of doing this depending on the information that you have in the system.

Never forget another meeting, appointment or event the system can send you reminders. If you want to be on the ball and never miss a lead take a look at this video and we can show you all of the relevant information about how to do this for yourself or even your colleagues. 

Do you need to write a letter, phone a customer or send a report to a colleague? You are able to create tasks within the system that will remind you of these key tasks. If you want know how, this video will show you how to create a one. 

Want to get your message out there or send an offer or a newsletter to your customers? This video shows you an overview of how to create an email campaign as well as amending the images and adding links.