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Busy first few months!

Posted on 12 February 2016

We've hit mid-February and its been full steam in the InTouch office, with new functions, tweaks and the odd bug getting sorted!

So I just wanted to run through some of the major highlights that you can find in the system: -

New Email Editor - The biggest and most highly anticipated update to the system has undoubtedly been the email editor. The InTouch email functionality now offers a visibly superior experience and a much larger choice for the templates you can create and modules you can include within the emails. The new editor is based on a very easy to use drop and drag principle that allows you to create the email templates that best reflect your business and brand. For more information on the email editor, visit the support site.

Webforms - Web forms are an essential component of our business toolkit. Online forms connect us with our customers and partners, and keep our internal processes lean and efficient. This being said, our webforms weren’t the best looking ones and so we completely revamped them. You now have access to a much sleeker webform module that allows you to easily create professional-looking forms that are optimized for mobile and linked to automation. We have even added in a form that allows you to link your facebook page to InTouch! Get social and grow your list! For more information on webforms, visit the support site.

Google Inbox - Our Google inbox integration does exactly what it says on the box - it merges your Gmail inbox with InTouch. All client communications you’ve sent via your Gmail account will be noted in the InTouch customer record and vice versa- all campaigns sent via InTouch will be recorded in your Gmail account. You can send and receive emails with them also being added to your all important contact history! For more information on Google Inbox, visit the support site

Those are some of the key parts, but there are more to come, including surveys in automation and linking automation to more elements of the system for some fantastic joined up working!

We look forward to continuing to deliver great features!


Matthew Ruddle
Customer Success Director