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Latest InTouch Changes - 16/03/2015

Posted on 16 March 2015

This week's update on the system is as follows: -

  • [NEW] Duplicate Webforms - we have added in the ability to duplicate webforms! This means that you can create one form and then duplicate it so you can tweak it or even link the forms up to different automated campaigns! Why reinvent the wheel when you can replicate it!

  • [NEW] Search the Suppression List - if you're not sure if someone is on your suppression list (Email > Suppression List) you can now use the quick and easy search function to search on email addresses within the suppression list
  • InApp Notice bar - at times there are some great things going on behind the scenes that we want to share with you or there might be updates that we want to share with you, so we've added in a new notifications bar that will show up on your account for any notifications we add on. You can read them (which we hope you will) or click to close them but we will pushing out some great info and InApp advice on there too!

  • Webinar - Did you miss our webinar on Automation? Don't worry! Check it our here complete with the slides