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Posted on 12 February 2015

  • -New add contact page - We have made this even easier and quicker, not only do you get the quick add contacts but you get the option to drill down even further and add their custom field choices as well
  • -Revised view organisation page (similar layout to contacts page) - The Organisations page has been brought up to date in the same way the contacts page was updated in the last release
  • -Custom Field Preview - Now when adding Custom Fields, you can get a little preview/explainer about what that field is
  • -Earlier generation of html for auto responder emails - a Bug was raised with us that when you didn't complete the automated campaigns in one go, the HTML didn't always save to send out. This has now been fixed
  • -Fix calendar bug where linked contacts are not shown - A Bug was fixed which meant that the link with contacts was lost when adding events against their contact record
  • -A number of archived contact bug fixes - When archiving contacts (deleting them), they still showed up in a couple of places, these have now been sorted
  • -Various HTML encoding issues (ampersands and apostrophe issues)
  • -Making groups auto search when adding recipients to email campaign
  • -Stop selection of 'All Users' leads and sales if current user is not a master user
  • -Show task panels in contact and organisation screen whether there are any active tasks or not for consistency
  • -Signup form fix for WordPress plugin
  • -Stop archived service tickets showing on home screen
  • -Allows searching of Leads/Sales by title, linked contact and linked organisation