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Latest Update from InTouch - 10/04/2014

Posted on 10 April 2014

Here at InTouch we are constantly tinkering with the system because of the great feedback that we get from our users all over the world, so here is what we've recently launched: -

  • Updated Group Export

    In our recent updates, we've updated the group export function to make sure that it now has all for the relevant fields that you want! The Group export now comes down with the mail address of the contacts (Whether they are linked to an Organisation or just on their own!)

  • NEW FEATURE! Email Activity

    A great new feature that we have added in, is an enhancement to the contact record. Previously, when you looked at a contact record, you could see that they had been sent an email campaign but not that they had opened it or clicked on any link - to view that, you would have to click through and view the information on the email campaign as well. Well now it actually shows up on the contact record! With handy new banners that show if they have opened that campaign or even if they clicked on a link, you get to see that straight away from the contact record!

  • Automated Campaigns

    A recent change we made, was to add the information of any automated campaigns that the contacts were added to, to their contact record (Great!) but one of the issues that customers mentioned was the fact that it added each step and with some of them being 10+ steps, this took up a lot of space! So we have sorted that out to just show the one record for each of the campaigns that they are actually attached to!

  • Sales Overview Report

    Following some feedback from customers, we saw that the Sales Overview Report was sometimes double counting people's sales and leads (we'd all low those double figures!) but obviously, this didn't show you the correct amount that you actually want. So we've fixed this and added in a couple of extra fields on the export as well!

  • Mail Merge

    While we were reviewing the different parts of the site recently, we noticed that some of the tags were not showing up correctly, so we took and look and we've fixed this so you no longer get the annoying text that tells you the tags are invalid....as we've made them valid now so they work!

  • SMS Campaigns - Missing Interaction

    Just like Email Campaigns, when you send an SMS campaign, it should show up on the contact's record to show you the information and the fact that a campaign has been sent. This appeared to...not appear - so we have fixed this and added it back in

We are currently working on some more fixes as well as other enhancements which we are looking forward to rolling out...so watch this space!