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Latest Update from InTouch 17/09/2014

Posted on 17 September 2014

Here's a few of the things that we've made live recently!

[NEW] Sales Reports - Following on from the launch of our new Sales and Leads modules, we have added in new Sales Reports within the Sales and Leads area. These reports allow you to manage your sales teams and track progress on all of the activity within your sales pipeline!

[NEW] Organisations Dataloads - Custom Fields can now be added as part of a Organisations Dataload! Allowing you to not only create the Organisation but also record all of the important extra information that you've captured.

[NEW] Twitter Feed on Organisations - Like Contacts, you can now record a company twitter feed on the Organisation

[Bug Fix] Merge Contacts - It was merging contacts and creating a new record but leaving the original contacts, this has now been updated to delete the original contacts.

[Bug Fix] Mail Merge Tags - When a mail merge was run, it didn't pull in the company name field when the contact was linked to an organisation, this has now been updated