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Latest Update from InTouch - 24/02/2014

Posted on 21 February 2014

Following on from all of the recent usability updates (which we've had great feedback on! Thanks for that :) ) we have been busy making some more great changes that we hope you will see the value in. 

So what have we changed? 

  • New Support Site!!

If you're reading this, then you are already on the new Support Site! We've spent some time putting together this great new support suite which we hope you will find useful and jam packed full of guides, FAQs and resources to help you get the most out of the system. This is the first step forward in our new support suite and the next leaps and bounds we make will include more great content including a real focus on delivering video tutorials and guides to show you exactly how to do things within the system and achieve real success!

  • Updates to the Email Editor

To help the usability of our email editor for mobile platforms and all browsers, we have converted it from bringing up little pop-ups to opening an on the page editor, giving you a much simpler and easier experience when creating your great customer campaigns.

  • Facebook Business Posts

The lasted update has been refreshed with an updated API from Facebook which once again allows us to give you the ability to post not only to your personal Facebook pages but to your business/company pages as well. Allowing you to get your all important company message out there from the one platform again!

  • Automated Emails and the Contacts

Automated campaigns are great, they allow you to setup a sequence of emails and add contacts in for that seamless marketing/communication, however, one feature we through would be really helpful, was the ability to see quickly from a Contact record all of the Automated Campaigns that the Contact was currently assigned to. This means that you can see if they've been put into your customer onboarding automated email or if they've been added to that great 5 week course you created - all from their contact record!

  • Bug Fix - Adding a Value to a Product

One thing that customers pointed out to us, was the fact that when you add a new product, the system saved the value into the description box! Not exactly what you wanted - so, we've updated this, meaning you can now add your products to the system with the right values!

  • Adding an Organisation when you add a New Contact

In the system there was a simple field that allowed you to just record the Company Name when you created a Contact, it allowed you search on it and that was about it. Then we added in Organisations which opened up a whole new set of features, but the two weren't linked. There is a setting within Setup and More > System Config called "Company Vs Organisation Customisation" which allows you to make more use of the Organisations and link them properly with Contacts. It is his link that we've improved! Now, if you have that setting ticked, when you add a contact you can either search for an existing one OR the system will create one for you! Simple :)

  • Changes to Shortcuts

The Shortcut menu is a great tool - it allows you to quickly do something in the system in just one click without having to find the individual buttons within the system. The change we have made to this area is a simple one, in order to allow you to use the system more efficiently on the move, we've changed them from being pop-up dialog boxes to actual changes that you can navigate around and use on the move!

  • Contact Search - Autocomplete
A great new addition to our usability mission is the fact that you can now have autocomplete on the search box with Contacts, we hope that this will save you time and make everything more seamless for you - not only that but you can now simply hit enter to search!
  • Creating a Group from a Report
The feature for creating a Group from a Report that you've just created, is a great part of the system, however, for some larger reports it was a bit of a long process. So we've had a look at it and rebuilt it to run in the background - allowing you to carry on with the more important parts of your day. The system will then let you know when it's done and you can make full use of it!