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Latest Update from InTouch - 30/04/2014

Posted on 30 April 2014

Here at InTouch we are constantly tinkering with the system because of the great feedback that we get from our users all over the world, so here is what we've recently launched: -

  • NEW FEATURE! - SMS Now in Automated Campaigns!

    A great new feature which we've now launched within InTouch is the fact that you can now add SMS messages as a step within an automated campaign! Before, you could add in emails, generate a lead or even have a task setup for you to give the contact a call - now you can even setup an SMS message to go to the contact to remind them of something or just simply as another way to communicate with them! To add this in, simply add a step to the unstarted automated campaign and select "SMS" from the drop down of types of action!

  • NEW FEATURE! - Leads automatically created from Webforms!

    As we move to improve all the sales elements of the system, we have added in an option to create a lead in your account by someone simply completing a webform on your website. That means your website enquiry form can start your sales process running automatically without you having to go through and start building that lead - the system can do it for you! To do this, simply go to your webforms (Setup and More > Webforms) and then in the edit screen, you can tick the box to setup a lead! Simple :)

  • NEW FEATURE! - SMS from the Contact Record!

    We all have our phones with us nonstop through out the day, so sending someone a text message can help get your message seen quicker and get you results! So we've built in a feature that allows you to go into the contact's record and under the "more options" button, send them a quick, one-off text message (providing you have their mobile number and permission!).

  • ENHANCEMENT! - Extended SMS length!

    Gone are the days that you are restricted to 160 characters (let's leave that to twitter and their 140 character messages!), we have extended the number of characters that you can send in an SMS campaign, this means you can write a nice long message to get out to your contacts and send it with ease (just be aware that you will be charged for each message!!)