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Latest Update from InTouch! 5th March 2015

Posted on 5 March 2015

1. Completed Surveys - to help you quickly identify what customers have done with your communications, we made a change a while ago to flag up on their record when they had opened an email and clicked on a link. Well now we've made the change to Surveys too! So when a customer has completed one, it will show on their record!

2. Standard Reports are now.....Static Reports! With more reports! - Standard reports could some in all shapes and sizes so we've renamed them to be Static Reports. These are a step of reports which are fixed, or in our case, Static. This forms part of our plans for reports further down the line as well. The new reports.... check them out below!

3. Static Report / Contacts with NO email address - One of the biggest frustrations of collecting data and loading it up, is the fact that some people don't give email addresses....but how do you find these? Simple! Within static reports there is now a report which will allow you to find these people and group them in one go!

So the options you have are: -

A) Contacts to see with invalid email address - this will show you all of the people who don't have a valid email address

B) Contacts without email addresses - this will show you all of the people who don't have an email address

C) Contacts flagged as Spam Traps - these are serious, if we identify a spam trap, we will block it and here you can see them

4. Sales Reports - To help you find people who you should be calling to do more business with, we have added in some sales reports which will allow you to find the people you need to pick up the phone and call. People who you have not down business with, etc

5. Advanced Search on Date of Birth - Our final little touch is to allow you to search on people's dates of birth when carrying out an advanced search within the system!