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Latest updates to InTouch

Posted on 20 February 2015

We are pleased to announce the following additional enhancements to InTouch which are now "live":

  • Added Help text for probability field when adding/editing a Lead

  • ForTask alerts via sales have included contact details, due date and link
  • Matched up tag list in mailmerge (letters & labels) and email modules
  • Contact record > More Options > Add Document now added

  • All Sales and Complete users are now able to add an event from the Activity Calendar on the Homepage. This is ideal if you’re in the system when a customer calls and wants to book a meeting with you! Just click the link and check your diary to see what availability you have’

  • Suppression List: can now search for specific email addresses via the new search box

  • Survey completions now showing within the Interactions tab within a Contact record
  • Contact custom fields can now be edited via the Edit Contact page
  • Leads and sales reports filtered from Table View and exported to csv now have a column for Organisation name also
  • New link to custom fields section from view contact page
  • Create a new Lead: prompt to create a Task

  • If you have a usability suggestion or an enhancement for InTouch that could make yours and the 000’s of other InTouch customers lives easier and more effective then please let us know. Many of our enhancements are as a result of customer feedback!