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More new InTouch enhancements!

Posted on 6 October 2016

We are pleased to let you know of our most recent enhancements made 'live' for today:

1. Custom Contact History Types

You now have the ability to add to your list of contact history types to make your recording of contact history even smarter!

Just go to Contacts > Settings and add to your list:

2. Add Custom Field tags to your SMS campaigns

You can now keep your SMS campaigns even more targetted and personal by using the custom field tags. To see which tags you have just click on the tag list link shown on this image below and a new tab will open in your browser:

3. Change order of Organisation Type

You can now re-order your organisation/business type list, as shown below:

4. Automation: add a contact to a step

When you open a contact record > Options > add to automated campaign, you now have the option either to add to a particular step or to add to the overall automation:

5. Survey > Survey templates

You can now select a past email sent as a template for sending your survey to your contacts:

6. Add a Unit Cost when adding a new Product

You can now include a Unit Cost when adding a product, within your Leads & Sales:

7. Description box on Update Forms

You can now add in a description for your Update Forms, which can help in identifying one form from another: