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New Changes from InTouch 7th May

Posted on 7 May 2015

Here are the latest changes to the InTouch system!

1. Re-Engagement Email - The normal process for getting contacts resubscribed was to send us an email with proof from the contact that they wanted to be added back in. Now we've made it even easier, giving you the ability to send an email to the contact and get them to click on a link to give their permission! Simple! - Click here to find out more

2. Calendar Categories - Giving you more options is something we like to do, so calendar categories have been added to effectively give you different views of the calendar to almost filter what you see. This effectively gives you multiple calendars in the one section! Click here to find out more

3. Calendar Default View - People have asked us to switch which view loads up first on the calendar, from allowing the day or week or even month view to load up first. So we've listened and created that very option within settings on the calendar page!

4. Listing of Automated Campaigns - When you've used the system for a while and you've got automated campaigns piled up on each other, they can sometimes get lost. So we've made it that the last edited will always sit at the top of the list!

5. Length of a Caption - When creating an update form, you can change the caption in order to explain a little bit more about what that information is, if you want to add a little bit more text, you now can!