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New enhancements for your Organisations!

Posted on 2 December 2016

Today we have released some really useful new functions for your InTouch Organisations and their Primary Contacts!

Do you have Organisations with linked contacts in your InTouch account?

Do you conduct some or all of your business with Organisations?  (B2B)

If the answer is YES to the above questions then READ ON...

1. You can now send Email campaigns to Organisations (and their linked contacts)...Click here to find out more!

2. You can now use Organisation custom fields in your marketing messages...Click here to find out how!

We would really value your feedback on this new release and any other aspect of InTouch.

As our valued customers you play a key part in driving improvements for InTouch, so if/when you have ideas to enhance InTouch just send us a Support Ticket with the title Feature Request and we will do the rest!

We hope you do some great business today and that InTouch is at the heart of your Sales and Marketing strategies!