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Notice of InTouch System Downtime on Tuesday 10th May from 6am-8am GMT

Posted on 9 May 2016

We are always looking at ways in which we can improve InTouch to ensure it helps you achieve your business goals. In the last few months, customers have given us feedback on where they would like to see us improve and so we have been busy beavering away to deliver those improvements!

Putting changes live sometimes requires a small period of system downtime and we will be making these changes tomorrow morning so meaning InTouch will not be available from Tuesday 10th May 2016 from 6-8am GMT. We hope that the system will be up and available sooner than this 2-hour window but just in case the technical gremlins give us a headache have an extra hour in bed on us! 

In all seriousness, we know many of you like to get started with your work plans early and so we will do our very best to get InTouch back online as soon as we can so that you can see the changes we have made.

Most of them are improvements to the way screens look although we have made a big re-vamp of the way in which Tasks work that makes it much easier to create tasks and lists of tasks for you to use to get more things done! Stay tuned for an email later today though about a new feature which we are adding in which we think everyone will like!

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding with this. We are sure you will like the new changes when they arrive!

Best wishes and have a successful week

Customer Happiness Champion