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Server Move Update

Posted on 31 July 2017

Thanks to you all for your understanding whilst we made the move over the weekend to the new servers at UK Fast.

We completed the move over the weekend and we believe that bar a couple of small issues, everything went as we had planned. We did experience a small issue with our payments system taking a payment when it should not have done and so our apologies for this. Any payments that should not have been taken have now been refunded but if you do have any questions about this then please email us at accounts@intouchcrm.co.uk and we will look into this for you.

We will be continuing to monitor the system for any changes or improvements that we need to make but hopefully you are noticing an increase in system performance and functions! We certainly are on our account! We will be continuing to work with UK Fast to improve the infrastructure and ensure InTouch performs quickly to help you convert more prospects into customers!

Now we have completed this work, we will be moving forward with building on some of the new reporting and notifications functions that we added into the system last week. We want to ensure InTouch is helping you convert more prospects to customers and we know this is achieved through great prospect engagement and effective follow up! If you have any suggestions for system features that could help you win more business then please contact us and we will be happy to talk through the idea with you!

We will also be working on providing some guidance on how InTouch will handle the GDPR process which is coming to all organisations in May 2018 and what impact this will have on you as someone who uses a system like InTouch to store and communicate with prospects and customers.

Have a great week and August!


James White

Prospect Conversion Champion


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