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System Outage Update 12/12/2017

Posted on 12 December 2017

This morning (12/12/2017) there was a short period of time where our system was not available, as soon as we discovered this, we launched an investigation on all fronts to discover the issue. This lead us to our hosting company UK Fast, who had suffered a power outage at one of their data centres, which then also suffered a secondary issue with their backup generators not kicking in.

As soon as we realised the issue, we chased UK Fast as much as humanly possible to ensure that our services were given the top priority. Thankfully, all systems were restored within 30 minutes

As a provider, we want to deliver the best service for our customers, with this in mind, we will be reviewing things with UK Fast, to ensure that everything is done to avoid such issues in the future.

Copy of UK Fast's Status Logs

Power outage at MANOC 5 Datacentre

Update: 12:13

Engineers are continuing to restore service for any solutions affected by the power outage.

If you are having issues still and have not already done so, please create a ticket or call support.


Update: 11:42

All power to servers has now been restored. Our eCloud and eCloud Flex platforms are still being brought back online.

Engineers will be working through residual issues with individual solutions.

Further updates will be provided within the next 30 minutes.


Update: 11:16

Our engineers are continuing to work to restore client solutions. We will continue to post updates here every 30 minutes.


Update: 11:01

Power is currently restored via Generator supply. Our engineers are now powering on solutions.


We are currently investigating a power outage that is affecting our MANOC 5 data centre.

Incoming mains supply has been lost to the site and our engineers are currently investigating why the generators have not taken over service. We will provide some further information within the next 15 minutes.

Status: Confirmed