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Update regarding our System Downtime next Friday 28th July – Please read

Posted on 20 July 2017

At 7pm next Friday evening the 28th of July, InTouch will be taken down whilst we make the move to our new server infrastructure with UK Fast. From this time, you will not be able to login to the system and make any changes to your account until the move has taken place. We expect that this will be done by 10pm on Sunday 30th July providing everything goes well. All of your data and account records will be moved over as part of the transition and there is nothing that you are required to do. The application will stay the same although we are working on some exciting new changes to improve the system as we always are.

We are aware that many of you have contact forms in place on your websites and have automated campaigns which send emails to prospects and customers at different times. Please see below some typical questions which we get asked with regard to each of these functions and how they will be affected by the server change.

  • I have a web form on my website, will it continue to work?
    • We are aware that many of you use forms to capture prospect information and so we want to ensure your customers do not experience a problem when they go to complete a form. During the period of downtime, the forms you have on your website, should still work but because the InTouch database is not available, the contact information will not get sent directly into your InTouch account. During this period, anyone completing a form which is linked to InTouch will not be added into InTouch but the form will still work and you will be sent an email notification telling you who has tried to complete the form. You can then look to manually enter this information into your account when InTouch is available again. We appreciate that this is not an ideal scenario especially for those of you who get a lot of contacts through your forms but this is a better option than the forms not working at all we believe and ensures your prospects and customers are not affected by the downtime
  • Will contacts still be able to open my email if it was sent earlier on in the week?
    • Any emails which are sent from InTouch will continue to work and any links which you have included in your emails will still link the contact who gets the email to the URL you have put in place. It is important to note however that during the period of downtime, any link tracking will not be maintained and so you will not be able to know for sure if someone has clicked on the link within your email or opened it. We would suggest that if you have an email which you are very keen to track a response on that you should either look to send this earlier in the week or postpone it until after the server move has taken place. It is impossible for us to maintain a record of link tracking whilst we make the system move I am afraid.
  • Will my automated sequences continue to work?
    • During the period of downtime, InTouch will not be available at all. What we are doing is stopping the system at 7pm on the Friday and then restarting it again once it has been moved. Once the move has taken place, any automated actions (such as emails, SMS messages or tasks) will then re-start and so will then occur. This should mean that no actions are lost but you may find your campaigns have not trigged those actions at the exact time you would have expected. They will be 24-48 hours late in being delivered or being created. Once again, we are sorry for any inconveniences that this may cause you but it’s simply impossible for us to try and maintain our whole Automation sequence whilst we move everything over to the new host.
  • What happens to my integration with Google or Buffer? Will this still work as before?
    • Yes the integrations should still work as before. We are not expecting any issues with regard to this but in the event we do face some challenges with this aspect of the migration, we will look to let everyone know
  • Who is doing the move and how qualified are they to do this?
    • The move is being led by Ciaran Cullen our Technical Director who has worked at InTouch for the last 11 years. Ciaran has a great team of people working with him to implement this change including experts from our new hosting company UK Fast and a specialist technical provider Incus who are specialist experts in server and system migrations of this type. We have done as much preparation and planning for this move as we can and so we will be keeping our fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly!
  • What happens if I notice a problem and something is not right on Monday morning when I go to login?
    • Please contact us on 0333 200 7273 or raise a support ticket and one of the team will look into this as soon as we can. We hope that you will not see any issues at all but if you do then please contact us and we can look into this on the Monday.

If you have any other questions regarding the changes or downtime then please let us know. If you are interested in being kept up to date through SMS on when the system is back up and running, please complete this form with the best mobile number for you and we will ensure you are added to our SMS list to receive notifications.

Thanks once again for your patience and understanding whilst we make this change. We know it will be for the better in the longer term!

Wishing you continued business success

James White – Founder and CEO