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Video Update

Posted on 7 May 2014

We have been working on more videos to help you really get to know the full functionality of the system to help you and your business. So here's a few that we have created for you...

Did you know that you are able to use other email addresses for your campaigns? So if you are managing an account for a client or if you want a colleague to respond to any replies you get from a campaign, well why not add them to the system (for completely free) to use their email address for that specific campaign. Here we quickly show you how to.
This method of communication has become increasingly popular and you are guaranteed to get the message to your customers (if you have the entered the right number). So why not try it and see the results you are able to get from this.
If you have asked for feedback, confirmation of attendance or just want to see any responses you may have received from your customers - you can! Want to know how? This short video (less than one minute) shows you where you are able to find that information out.