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Posted on 16 November 2015

In the last few weeks we have done a number of soft launches on different functionality, here is a list of what we have done: -

1. Google Mailbox - this is a fantastic addition which allows users link their gmail mailbox with intouch and send/receive emails from within the one platform. This logs the emails in contact history so you never miss another important customer communication. Click here to find out more

2. Google Calendar - this integration allows you to bring your google and intouch calendar together and have that two way sync to keep your calendar offline and on the move.

3. Google Contacts - Bringing contacts from Gmail to InTouch has never been easier, with this new integration, you can simply link your gmail account to intouch and bring your contacts across with ease

4. Buffer Social Media - Integrating with buffer allows us to give access to linkedin, twitter, google+, facebook and more in orderto post to your social media audience - Click here to find out more

5. Default Task Reminders - When you now set a task in the system, the system will set the first reminder by default to be 30 minutes before the task is due!