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How can I segment my Contacts in bulk?

Last updated by Rich Orr on July 18, 2017 13:02

This is one way to segment your existing contacts in bulk, based around a Contact Status contact custom field:

  • Create a contact custom field of Drop Down List type and add in your options (Contacts > Custom Fields)
  • Export your contacts to a csv file (Contacts > Options > Export Contacts)
  • Then on your exported file create an extra column for Contact Status and then copy/paste the appropriate option against each contact. Save your file as a .csv file regularly during this exercise to keep it updated.
  • Once your file is ready then action an update import of contacts, using Contact ID as the unique identifier (and match at least a couple of other fields including your new Contact Status field). This support guide will be very useful to you for this:
  • Once your update import has completed (wait for confirmation email) then you can use our Contacts Advanced Search to create a new group of contacts for each option of your Contact Status custom field. Contacts > Options > Advanced Search > select an option of Contact Status > Search > Add to group > New group. Repeat this process for Each option.
  • This should enable you to segment your contact database and email them according to the group they are in.
  • Then when you add new contacts manually make sure to edit the Contact Status custom field accordingly AND add them to the appropriate group from the Groups tab within the newly created contact record.