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Contact Record Overview

Last updated by Brandon Hewitt-Hunt on July 20, 2017 12:14

Not only are you able to see the vital contact details for your contacts but also there are a number of activities that you are able to do from within a Contact Record, and in so doing you auto-link those actions to the contact, so here's a quick summary to inform you:


If you click to open this menu, it will give you a number of options to take actions, which are then auto-linked to the contact.

Contact tabs

These are located towards the bottom of the contact record. They will enable you to take further actions with that contact, which are then auto-linked to the contact.
Send Plain Text Email - want to quickly send off a Plain Text Email to one of your contacts? You can from right within their record. You can add your signature via My Account > Personal Details

Save and Add Note- this then takes you straight to the 'contact history' box.

Send Re-engagement Email
Enables you to re-subscribe a contact, if they have previously unsubscribed. They are sent an email with an embedded link to click on.
Groups - this is a great way to segment your data, so if you think a contact needs to be put in to a group you have already made, here you can do it!

You can view Contact History and Interactions relating to your contact from the respective tabs. Interactions include email and SMS campaigns.

Automation tab enables you to add your contact to the automations listed.

 Add Contact History Note - here you are able to log all of the contact you've had with that customer Organisations - so this contact could be linked to an Organisation, this allows you to add them to it to start building your network of contact details.
 Add Task - if you need to remind yourself of calling or sending a brochure to a customer, this will allow you to create a task to ensure you never forget this
Leads/ Sales - if you wish to create a Lead for your contact, you can here which will automatically link it to their record of information or if you have created one and linked them to it, it will appear here.
 Add Event - Organised a meeting with a customer, add it here and see it in your calendar and My Day/ My Week Reports - if you wish to add them to a report you have already created, here is where you are able to. (click via the Other tab)
 Add to Automated Campaign - if you need to add the contact to an already created campaign, well here you are able to do it with a click of a button.  Service - this is where you are able to see whether there are any Customer Service Tickets (complaints) that may have been raised from that customer.
(click via the Other tab)
Generate Label - you need to quickly print off a label for an envelope to sent that letter or information off for a customer, here you can!Documents - you've sent a quote, invoice or even received a letter that you wish to have a copy saved on to the system. If they're relevant to a contact record, this is where they are able to link and store if it's in relation to a customer.  (click via the Other tab)
Generate Mail Merge - have you created a Mail Merge Template and want to send them a letter, this is where you are able to select the relevant one to do this. 
Delete this Contact - If you no longer need this contact in the live system, then all you have to do is delete them from here. This will place them in your Archived contacts.
Print Contact - you are even able to print out a contact record if you need to.