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5 ways to boost your click through rates!

Last updated by Brandon Hewitt-Hunt on March 14, 2018 14:13

Here are our 5 best ways to improve click-through rates on the emails that you send in InTouch,

1) Shorten your email content

A great way to ensure customers read and then engage with your email is by shortening it! So that customers get to the CTA of the email before getting bored, this will enable customers to actually see the offer and thus improves click through rates.

2) Have a ‘P.S’ in the email

A great way to attract those of us who scan emails, is by including a visually grabbing ‘P.S’ message on the email. Customers are drawn naturally to this and research has shown emails that include one get far higher click through rates than those which don’t.

3) Forge a sense of urgency!

We’ve all seen them, the emails that have time limited offers or claim ‘only 3 seats remaining, book now!’ and they grab our attention! This is a great tactic as it preys on our biggest fear, the fear of missing out! It doesn’t even have to feel spammy, as long as your emailing lists are well segmented, you’re just matching people to offers they don’t want to miss.

4) Actually, segment your list

This is arguably the most effective way to improve your click-through rates as it allows you to send more targeted emails to those on your mailing list, which improves the overall results of any email campaign. Within InTouch, you can achieve this by setting up ‘groups’ for different types of contacts, for example; employers and employees. You can then send out 2 separate emails (relevant to both) rather than one generic email, which 50% of its recipients will ignore.

5) Avoid list fatigue

A great way to reduce the engagement rates of your email campaigns is by mailing far too often, like every day. This is only ever likely to annoy your customers and perhaps make them unsubscribe from your emails altogether! If you try and send perhaps one weekly email, rather than daily ones, you will see click-through rates etc improve and customer satisfaction improve as well!