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Email Complaints

Last updated by Matthew Ruddle on November 08, 2016 13:24

We would all like to think that as soon as someone signs up for our newsletter, marketing, etc that they will be with us forever. Sadly that is not always the case, sometimes people decide that they no longer want to get emails from you, this is where they can either unsubscribe or they can take the more serious actions and complain.

A Complaint is someone clicking on the "This is Spam" or "This is Junk" button with their email. 

What happens here are a few actions: -

1. The first thing that happens is that the complaint, goes back to the ISP (Hotmail, Yahoo,  Gmail, etc)

2. The ISPs then alert us that a complaint has been made

3. We alert you that a complaint has been made

This is quite serious, so what needs to happen next is quite important.

If your get an email from us saying a complaint has been raised, then you need to manually add them to your suppression list (the list that keeps you safe)

To do this, click here to take a look at the suppression list