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How to boost clicks on your CTA buttons!

Last updated by Brandon Hewitt-Hunt on March 22, 2018 14:23

1) Put the button in a place where people actually click

Font colour Is very important in determining whether someone clicks, as is positioning! The studies overwhelmingly show that peoples focus on the page follows an ‘F’ shape as they read through the page. The best place to place your CTA (if you want it to be clicked) is above the fold so that it’s towards the top of the page, as readers always look (horizontally) at the page first, before they work their way down.

2) Use words of strength in your CTA button

The famous ‘Loftus and Palmer’ study has shown that car crash eyewitnesses are more likely to describe the crash in an extreme way if it’s described to them that the cars ‘smashed’ rather than ‘contacted’.

The same goes for email marketing, if you use a ‘powerful’ word for the CTA, for example, ‘Anonymous, Endorsed, No Obligation’. Then you're far more likely to actually get your buttons clicked, than if you use ‘weaker’ buttons.

3) Use the correct font colour

Along with positioning, another great way to get more clicks is to use a white background for the email and then choose the correct font colour and colour for the button, as long as the button isn’t grey!

Another cardinal sin to avoid is making the colours of the email and the button clash, this will vastly reduce the number of clicks and also make you look unprofessional in the process!

The best colour for the CTA is orange, with white text, this is what has been proven to get the best click results.

4) Leave white space around the CTA

Some people may think it’s just a waste of space on your website, but the reality is that having ‘whitespace’ around your CTA can increase click rates by upto 20%.

This Is quite simply because readers attention is drawn to the button, as the space around it is boring and blank. It creates ‘clarity’ and makes people click.

5) Create urgency!

Including a sense of urgency in your call to action buttons helps you get those high click-through rates. Even just adding the word “now” builds urgency with the potential customer. Another great method to create urgency is time sensitive deals, for example (book now to get 40% off!).