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How to get a better deliverability rate

Last updated by Brandon Hewitt-Hunt on March 27, 2018 15:43

There is little point in putting in a load of effort to create the perfect email campaign, if it doesn't end up getting delivered!

Here are 5 tips to help you stop wasting time, and start getting results!

1) Don’t directly embed videos

This seems counter-intuitive as videos helps improve open rates of emails, and click-through rates aswell! But they can limit the deliverability of your email campaign, as they sometimes come across as spammy. A good solution is to insert an image and then just have the video link attached to this image, most readers won’t even realise the difference and it will help you score better in terms of deliverability!

2) Be upfront with your subject line

Don’t promise anything in the subject line that your email doesn’t back up. As ISP’s can regard this as ‘deceptive’ which in the long run, prevents your emails from being delivered correctly. Basically, don’t say something like ‘read this email to get a discount’ and then not offer any type of discount in the email.

3) Avoid Over-mailing

Generally, if you’re mailing multiple times a day, you are probably over-mailing. This hurts deliverability in the long run as when you send more emails, people tend to respond less, low engagements tend to result in low deliverability rates. It’s a nasty circle.

4) Avoid Purchased Lists

Purchased lists can not only drastically hurt your own deliverability rates but also everyone else who emails using the same email provider. This is the main reason why most email providers won’t let customers use purchased lists at all.

5) Start using Double Opt-in

Double opt-in is a feature whereby once someone has filled out a form etc, they then get a confirmation email that they need to click on in order to give you consent to then email them. All of the research shows that contacts gathered via double opt-in, rather than single opt-in result in far better email deliverability. The only metric it doesn’t perform better on is the initial number of subscribers, which is about 20% lower, but this short-term pain, will definitely result in long-term gain!

If you have any further questions, please let us know.