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How to schedule an email campaign

Last updated by Sam Brown on November 07, 2016 15:56

If you have 101 things to do during a busy time of year or you're just busy want to plan your marketing strategy in advance. If that is the case, you are able to schedule your email campaigns when you have a spare few minutes. This will help you spread your work and give you time to ensure your customers hear your voice and remember the product you have. 

Go to the Email Section of the system and either:- 

1) Create the Email Campaign 

2) or click on the Campaign you wish to schedule. 

Once you have pressed that, you are then able to "Proceed to Sending Options" this will allow you to select when you would like to send the email campaign. 

To schedule the email, all you have to do is select that option by ticking the box and amending the date and time of when you would like to send it. 

To complete this, all you have to do is press "Send" - this will then be sent automatically on the date and time that you have selected.


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