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Why are my email campaigns being ignored?

Last updated by Brandon Hewitt-Hunt on April 03, 2018 15:57

There are few things more frustrating than taking a lot of time creating an email, only for it to just get ignored! Here are the 5 biggest reasons your emails are being ignored and how to overcome this.

1) You aren’t clear about what you actually want from the reader!

The biggest reason why people won’t reply to your email is because you aren’t making it clear that you actually want/expect a reply.

You don’t have to be rude about it, but make it crystal clear what you would like from the reader (decision or file etc). Also, make sure your request for action is placed in a visible place (not in the middle of a long paragraph).

2) Sending far too many emails

There are people we all dread seeing pop up in our inbox, it’s vital to ensure that you’re not one of these people! You need to keep your email campaigns short BUT meaningful. Whilst ensuring you remain a consistent approach to sending emails out, rather than multiple worthless ones a day, try sending one valuable email a week. Your result will improve!

3) Bad manners

You should be direct with your emails, but definitely not rude! A common misconception is that these two are interlinked. You should still include a greeting and sign off and avoid using an excessive amount of capital letters!

As in all walks of life, people are more inclined to help nice people, so be nice.

4) Not personal enough

A danger when sending email campaigns which will definitely hurt your results, is if they come across far too impersonal in nature. A common example of this is emails which appear to be automated (not manually sent by a person). A way to appear more personal is by segmenting your emailing lists so that you only send relevant content, to relevant groups.

5) Your emails are just hassle

There’s a good chance that initially, your email wasn’t ignored, but if it’s very long, there is an even better chance it will have been by the 3rd paragraph! Readers will then just zone out and will definitely not be replying to you. Make it crystal clear what you want and include all the required information such as links so that the readers can easily do what you actually want.