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Why use Automated Campaigns?

Last updated by Rich Orr on November 08, 2016 13:24

Email campaigns are good, but Automated Campaigns (Automation) are great and here is why!

With an email campaign, you go through the steps to build it, create the content, select who to send it to and then send it out.....move on to the next one. Automated campaigns take you through the same process but they allow you to nicely and neatly tie several campaigns together and then let them loose.

Automated campaigns can be used for so many different reasons, for instance: -

  • A Welcome Email

    A simple and effective sequence that takes the potential customer who has completed your Web Form and welcomes them to your site, your services and of course you as a company. Sending out a few emails to interact and to touch base with the potential customer before you even have to pick up the phone and speak to them. A great way of warming them up as a lead!

  • A Thank You Email

    We've all bought products and services from companies before and getting that simple "Thank you" message is great but what if you built an automated campaign that then asked them to complete a survey or even reminded them to purchase the product again once it had run out? Maybe even up-sold them to the next model in a few months time. Building a sequence of automated emails that you can drop customers into, helps build those lasting relationships in a seamless manner.

  • Education

    I don't mean sending them back to school, but what if you could get customers to sign up to online courses and deliver the content with a simple sequence in an automated campaign? It not only saves you time by setting it up once and adding new, paid members to it, but it stops you from having to remember to constantly send them the next weeks course/content. Showing real value to the customer and to your business!

  • Seasonal campaigns

    We all know the "12 days of Christmas", during festival/cultural holidays you could have a sequence of offers that you can add customers into in order to promote your products and services as well as educate customers.

The aim of all of these is simple - it's about communications and Automated Campaigns allow you do spend a bit of time up front to build a sequence that can not only save you time repeating actions over and over again but to allow you to have a real impact with your customers

Neither can be a bad thing now, can they? :)