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Can I define which automated campaign people go into based upon their custom field options?

Last updated by Sam Brown on March 21, 2018 10:09

You may be excited by our automated campaigns and especially our Advanced automations.

But how can you use contact custom fields in your automations?

If you plan to use the advanced automation with a date trigger for example, you can use a date contact custom field as your trigger around which you build your campaign.

For example if you have a custom field which is an annual insurance renewal date you can plan your automation to send some communications (e.g. emails, sms) before the due date, one on the date itself and one or two after the date.

Once the contacts have been added to your automation the rest will flow automatically based around the time intervals before the date, the date itself and the time intervals after the date.

Hint: the date format must be dd/mm/yyyy