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What happens when I send a test email

Last updated by Matthew Ruddle on March 21, 2018 10:08

When you create an email within InTouch, there is a standard footer that gets added to it. This footer pulls in various bits of information from the My Account > Account Details section - things such as

  • Your Company Name (so they know who is sending it)
  • Your Company Email Address (so they can send you an email and also opt out in line with the CAN-SPAM act)
  • Your Company Postal Address (so they can write you a letter to opt out, in line with the CAN-SPAM act)
  • The Unsubscribe Tag (so they can opt out automatically, a Must have in our system)

All of these things help to protect you while sending emails out.

But in a text email (When you click to send a test to yourself - when it comes through it normally has "Preview" in the subject line too) these don't come through - A bit strange you might think!

There is logic there though!

Basically, a test email is going to you as a USER of the system and not you as a CONTACT - So you don't lose any email credits and you can check your campaign before sending it to your customers. 

This means, if we enabled these details, the unsubscribe tag would work in the test and chaos would follow if you clicked it as a USER. Of course, if you then select to add yourself to the list of people who you are sending the full email to, you will be able to unsubscribe and opt out of your emails (if you want!)