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Why hasn't my automated campaign sent?

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on March 21, 2018 10:09

Automated campaigns are great tools to market in your sleep, but sometimes they don't send and it's important that we understand why, so here are the top reasons for this: -

1. The contact isn't ticked to receive email marketing

This is the number one reason why emails don't get sent to some people, because as far as the system knows, you don't have permission to communicate with them. When adding in contacts either by the Add a Contacts page, dataloads/import contacts or even on a webform, there are options to opt in contacts - if these aren't met then it means the contact might not be sent the automated campaign.

Here are some guides on how to sort these

a) How to add contact preferences to a Contact
b) How to add contact preferences when doing a dataload
c) How to make sure contact preferences are added via a webform

2. The campaign was started before the steps were added

The second main reason for the contacts not receiving the automated campaign is normally because a step has been added after the campaign was started. At present the way the automated campaigns work is through the fact that the campaigns are built and then started, once this is done, the content can be changed but no more steps can be added (changing soon!)

3. The Contact has complained, unsubscribed or hard bounced

Sadly sometimes, contacts don't want to hear from us anymore so they decide to unsubscribe or complain about your emails, this means that the system will add them to the suppression list in order to make sure that no other emails are sent to them to protect you from spamming them! The Hard Bounce side of it is either the email address is incorrect or their servers are marking your emails as spam and deciding that your content is to dangerous.