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How to add, edit or delete Custom Fields

Last updated by Rich Orr on November 02, 2016 12:19

Custom fields are a great way in which to segment the information that you have in the system, not only will these allow you to send personalised emails to your customers but they are a great way in which to start grouping your contacts within the system for any sales calls or offers etc.

If you are in the process of setting up your account it is best to set up the custom fields before importing your data. In this way you can maximise the amount of information you bring in.

Friendly Note! 

If you are new and starting up your account or just having a clean up we suggest that it is time well spent investigating the range of custom field types to ensure that you have the best combination for your organisation.

If you wish to add Custom fields within the system, if you go via Contacts > Custom Fields tab - it will then allow you to add and edit your custom fields. 

To Start Adding Custom Fields

Once you are within the Custom Field section, click "Add new Contact Custom Field" and then enter the relevant information and selecting which type of Custom Field would be applicable to the data you wish to record. 

Then press "Add new Contact Custom Field". 

Now depending on the which Custom Field type you have selected, you may need to add further options which you would like to select when entering in your data. So, you will then need to click "Edit Options" 

This will then allow you to add and edit the options that are available for selection, including editing the display order:

To Edit your Custom Fields 

Once you are in the "Manage Custom Fields" section of the system, to edit either the name of the Custom Field or the Options available all you have to do is click "Edit". Then simply add new options, change the options or even the actual name by typing in what you would like. 

To Delete a Custom Field 

If you wish to delete a custom field, all you have to do is press Delete by the Custom Field you no longer require. 

It will then ask you whether you are sure you wish to delete, if you are click "Ok" and if you have selected the wrong one all you have to do is press "Cancel". 

You can even Reorder the Display Order 

To do this, click on the "Edit Display Order" within the "Manage Custom Field" and Drag and move the options in the order you wish it to displayed in. 

Want to know more about the different type of Custom Fields, click here

Please Note! 

To add Organisation Custom Fields the process is exactly the same as above mentioned and all you have to do is select the options under the Organisation Custom Fields tab.