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An Overview of InTouch Complete

Last updated by Sam Brown on November 09, 2016 16:46

Welcome to an Overview of InTouch Complete

For many businesses the challenge is how to bring order to their every day working, from using multiple systems and having their customer information spread in so many areas, it is hard to bring it together in one consolidated view and the next challenge then is to actually be able to do something with all of that hard earned information.

This is where we have built the InTouch Complete package to try and give you that boost and that all important step up. InTouch Complete offers you not just the basic database but the chance to actually do something with it - from recording possible business through Sales and Leads to building great looking marketing campaigns with Email, Surveys, SMS, Social Media and more.

One of the hardest things in business is to collect data, then the real work starts and that is where a lot of businesses start spreading their important customer information info one system for tracking their sales, then another to send out their marketing emails before adding people into another system to find out what they are thinking by sending them a survey - so much duplication and more importantly, time wasted by having to repeat the same actions over and over again to just get started.

The key to InTouch Complete is the fact that you have everything at your finger tips with the one database.