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How do I Group all of my Contacts?

Last updated by Brandon Hewitt-Hunt on March 27, 2019 11:55

Bringing your contacts all together in one group can seem like a major task if you're thinking of going through each one, individually adding them to a group....a long....drawn out.....process

But WAIT! There is a quicker way before you start all of that!

The quickest and best way to group all of your Contacts together, is by running a Report (yes, a report)

To do this, simply click on Reporting on the left hand menu. This will take you to the Reporting section where you start off in Custom Reports. From here, click to create a Custom Report.

This is generally a step by step process, in the first instance, all you have to do is click Proceed to Step 2, this is because we don't mind what we see at the end of the report, so we don't need to select any fields in the first step.

Now in step 2, we again, don't select anything. Step 2 is where you would normally add the criteria for the report IE just show me all of the people with a first name of "Matthew". But we don't want to do that, we want to just pull back everyone. So click to Step 3.

Here we will see a preview, it should look ok as we haven't selected any criteria, we just want everyone to be pulled together in a report. Now simply move to step 4 and save the report.

Once saved (wait for email confirmation that report has completed), click to view all of your Custom Reports. When the page loads up, you should see the Report you have just created and on the same line there is an option called "Create as Group" - go ahead and click on this option and give the group a name - then save it.

We have now quickly run a report and then we've been able to save that report as a group! Now you can use that group with other features in the system, such as the Update Many option if you need to update all the contacts in one go