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Creating a Group

Last updated by Sam Brown on November 04, 2016 13:00

Groups are a great way for you to segment your database for things like communications (via email, sms, surveys and letters) as well as just keeping your contacts in nice manageable chunks.

To start to use the group section and add in new groups, simply click on the Contacts tab, found on the left hand side of the screen and within this you will see the Groups Section tab. 

Like most things within the system, there's always more than one way to create a group. This can be done via Contacts (the method we are looking at here) or via Contact imports.

Once you're within the Group section you will see a list of all of the groups that you currently have set-up within your system. 


Just above you can see the Create Group box and simply add the name and type of group from there. 

Once you're happy, click Create Group and your group will be made - the next task is to add contacts to it!