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How to search for a group

Last updated by Rich Orr on November 09, 2015 15:19

If you can't find the group you are looking for in the list or you need to find it quickly within the system, then all you need to do is go in to the Contacts Section, and then click on the Groups tab. 

You will then have a number of options to search for specific groups either by the 'Name', 'Date of Creation' or who it was 'Created by'. 

Depending on which options you would like to use, depends on the actions you need to take.

Created by option

This will allow you to sort the groups with regards to which user created the group and you can even select everyone. 

Just click the drop down menu for 'Created By' and select the relevant option and then press "Search". 

Created Between option 

If you want to select specific dates for when a group was created, just click on the empty boxes for 'Created Between' and this will open up a calendar for you to choose your dates from. 

Once you have selected the dates, just click "Go" and this will find those groups for you. 

Search option
This allows you to to enter the relevant name for the group that you are searching for and then click on "Search".

If you need to do another search or want to reset the filters, all you have to click on is on "Clear".