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Why Create A Group

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on August 25, 2015 22:37

Segmenting your data is a key part of how successful your communications will be, after all, if you send the same message to everyone you will have 2 possible outcomes: -

  • The people who are interested, will read it
  • Those who aren't, will head to the unsubscribe, junk or delete button and will be gone from your emails in the future

Sending the right message to the right audience has a major impact. This is where groups come into their own. Groups are simple pots of people which you can build from dataloads, manually or even get the system to build them for you by adding people in based upon them completing a Web Form.

The simple fact is that your customers are not all the same, so slicing and dicing your database, putting people who are similar into groups means that you will see better results when you come to send them your communications.