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Constant Spam Traps Hit

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on September 08, 2015 23:39

As a company, we want to work with everyone to help them grow their businesses through using InTouch successfully and effectively. However, there are times where the data being used may not be as clean as we would all like, which may mean that your email might hit a dreaded spam trap. So in the effort of protecting all of our customers reputations, we have a 3 strikes policy for emails rather than simply shutting down the accounts, we want to work with you to help you keep your data in a tip-top shape!

Here's how it will work: -

Strike 1

In the first instance, when we see that a company has hit a spam trap, potentially through poor data opt ins/purchased data then we will put that customers email sending on hold. We will then approach the customer to ask for clarification about their data and where it has been sourced from.

If the data is purchased, then we may need you to remove all purchased data from your system before we can unpause the account and allow emails to send as normal.

Strike 2

Having already paused sending due to bad data, we will continue to monitor the account for a period of 3 months. If during this time, we have another spam trap report, we will follow the same process as strike 1. If purchased data is continued to be used then we will have no option but to leave the sending pause on the account as the initial lessons from strike 1 have not been learnt. This is not something that we take lightly but is something we have to do in order to ensure that we don't put your reputation at risk due to poor purchased data.

If, however, the spam trap has been hit for other reasons, then we will unpause your account and allow sending once the data has been cleaned.

Strike 3

Following Strike 2, if the you're still hitting spam traps within a renewed 3 month window, then we will have no choice but to pause the sending on the account on an indefinite basis. This will not signal that the account has been cancelled but that email functionality is no longer there for mass campaigns due to continued bad practice and breach of our terms and conditions.