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Last updated by Matthew Ruddle on August 11, 2015 13:05

Here at InTouch we have made it our mission to help your business grow and that includes giving you the best tools and functionalities as well providing help and support along the way.

To live up to our promise, we’ve built a vast library of content to help small businesses improve their sales and marketing, but we also offer training and assistance on how to use the different features of the system and make the most of the functionalities InTouch has, for your business.

For those of you who want to fast track their growth and really get stuck in, you might be interested in the different training sessions we offer.

Whether you’ve just discovered InTouch, you’ve just upgraded your account or you’ve been with us for a while, you can always benefit from learning something new, a new way how InTouch can blast your business into the stratosphere.

We’re quite flexible in terms of the format and length of training sessions we offer. We can tailor each session to fit your particular needs. Here are some of the training options that we currently have:

  • Full Assisted Setup - This service is ideal for any business who wants to get the most from their investment. We’ll help work through your sales and marketing strategy and help you plan and build your automated sales and marketing funnels within InTouch. 

    Find out more about our Full Assisted Setup by clicking here
  • Team training session – In case your entire team is going to be using InTouch, it will be worth investing in a team training session. Make sure everybody has the same level of understanding of the system and its functionalities, how to use the different features and how InTouch can help you grow your small business.

    Find out more about our Team Training Sessions by clicking here