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Lead scoring of your Contacts

Last updated by Sam Brown on May 11, 2016 10:03

Lead scoring is a way to automatically rate the quality of your contacts / prospects.

The more they engage with your business e.g. opening an email, completing a survey, the higher their points will be. These points are then converted to a percentage and displayed as a 5* rating in your contact list.

The points system is defined by your scoring rules. You can see and manage these rules via Contacts > Options > Scoring Rules:

Here is an example of a Scoring Rules list (you can edit, remove, add to your liking)

You can manage your own Rules

The star rating is set by the highest scoring contact in your database who will always have 100%, the contact who has interacted the most. Another contact who has half the points, will have a score of 50% or 2.5 stars.

You can see the contact star ratings both in your contact list and in the individual contact record

Our InTouch Lead Scoring is designed to be an easy visual way for you to see which of your contacts are really engaged and which are not. This then can inform your Leads strategy to help to convert those promising prospects into sales!