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Why Store Organisation Information?

Last updated by Rich Orr on October 14, 2016 13:24

If you are a business who sell to other businesses then keeping a complete record of all of your communications with that organisation is essential.

People do buy from people but it is rarely only 1 person that makes a decision to buy a service or a product even if they are the business owner. A number of different people can provide input and even influence a decision to purchase and so it is essential that you capture this information within your CRM and sales management. 

By linking different contacts to one overall organisation, you can ensure you have a complete picture of all of the conversations held so meaning you are informed when you look to close the deal. Knowing that a 2nd level influencer had a positive discussion with someone on social media about your product or service is powerful to know when you’re trying to close a lead and get a new customer on board.

It is also essential when you have turned the lead into a customer. There is nothing worse than different conversations all taking place with different people and none of this being brought together in one place.

Knowledge is power and so by creating one larger organisation and linking all of the key contacts to this organisation you will have a complete customer record and be informed for any discussion with them.

Most Managing Directors will take advice from Technical or Marketing Directors and so if your conversations with these people aren’t all linked together in one place, you are reducing your chances of success.

So if you sell to other businesses then it’s essential to make use of Organisations within InTouch. They operate in exactly the same way as contacts but just have all of the contact history of those contacts in one place so arming you for sales success!

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