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ACTION! Creating Killer Calls to Actions

Last updated by Sam Brown on June 22, 2015 23:43

The whole point of email marketing it to help users take the next step, whether that is to purchase your products or services straight away or go to your website, where there might be other advertising, etc to entice them, but what actually makes a good call to action? Is "Click here" the definitive route to go, or is there something else?

Here we will give you an insight in to what makes a great call to action and the thinking behind them!

1. Clarity

I've seen loads of emails over the years (and received many of them) where things get a little confusing, there are links all over the place with hyperlinks behind simple words, images that take me to other places, etc....basically too many which sadly means the key link (and the most valuable one) is going to get missed.

An email needs clarity and a visible pathway to take the customer without them playing call to action battleships until they win and get to where you actually want them. Be clear with the recipients and sparing on the links!

2. Use Value - The "what's in it for me" 

We all like getting something for nothing, so if you have the option to offer something to people in exchange for them doing more IE if you have a voucher to download or an eBook to help them achieve something, then use those, use that value and make it clear!

"Download our Email Marketing eBook Here" - whether that is a text link or a banner image with a link behind it - make it clear and valuable

3. Make it risk free - "What's the catch"

There is always the perception that there is a catch attached to everything, so having a statement that removes that perceived risk is important. Making sure people realise that there is no-obligation attached to the offers is important to helping them make the decision to click through - no risk for the value they are about to get - winner!

4. Location, Location, Location!

Just like buying a house, location is important when it comes to calls to actions. If you hide it away at the bottom of the email then you need to hope your email holds their attention long enough for them to scroll through in order to see the call to action. Don't be afraid to put it quite high up so that when they open the email they can see it clearly. 

Put yourself in the user's seat, you get sent hundreds of emails each day and don't have time to read the whole thing - so it needs to be short, snappy and clear - so putting the link in high up will be vital

5. Don't rely on just one

Putting all of your eggs into one basket is a risky move at the best of times, the same applies for having just one call to action in your email - it had better be a good one if you do it! Having 2 or 3 in the email which link to the same place/offer is important means that they not only have options but they might be more interested in one than the other (after reading more of your email, etc) - so add a couple without going overboard and adding hundreds!