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Boosting your email clicks

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on September 16, 2015 22:34

When sending out emails, we all know that we want someone to actually do something with it, not just open it but click on a link to show us that they are interested in something. When someone clicks on a link it's got to make you smile, as that simple email campaign that you lovingly put together has had a reaction with your target audience - great job! But just getting one or two clicks is never enough, we always want more!!! Getting them though, can seem like another mountain to climb.

So let's strip it all back and go through CTA, what it is, why it's important and how you can boost yours

What is CTA

Well CTA as it's referred to in the marketing circles of the internet, is simple: -

CTA - Call To Action

Basically, for you and me, it is something that gets the person who is opening your email to do an action. This can be anything from emailing you, calling you or just simply clicking a link to go to your website.

When you look at websites you can't help but notice them (that's what they are there for!), the usual suspects are "Buy Now" buttons, or "Click here to book", etc they are there to be simple, attractive and of course....inviting!

But Why Would You Use Them?

Ask yourself the question - do you want people to do something with your email? 

If the answer is "no", then, ummm ok

But if you answered "yes" - right answer! That is exactly why you would use a Call to Action, you want the person who you have sent this email to, to actually do something with it. To click a link to see your latest customer testimonial, to go to your website, to pick up the phone and call you with that nice big order!

Call to Actions are there to make it easy for people to take those all important next steps and actions, with little to no thinking - Read it, like it, click it - BUY!!!

How Can I Boost My Call To Action?

Just like when you make an email campaign and you have to think A) who is it going to and B) what is the message - you have to put some thought into the calls to action: -

1) Who am I sending the email to? Your target audience plays a big roll in everything, there is no point in sending out an email which is un-targeted as you will only drive people to unsubscribe.

2) What do I want them to do? Thinking back to who you are sending the email to, what do you actually want them to do? It could be a simple email to customers who bought your product on Amazon asking them to write a review, or it could be that you want them to buy something else from you. Thinking about the action you want them to do, will help you determine how you get them to do it.

3) How will they know what to do? Have you made it clear for them to be able to follow the breadcrumbs you have left them to complete that action? You want people to be able to know exactly what is expected of them and how they can follow the path you want them to. Hiding the link or the button means they have to search for it and at that stage....you've lost them to their next email.

4) Why should they do it - never underestimate the Why in anything. If you want someone to click a link to buy your product, don't forget to sell it to them - you only win when they actually click the link!

Putting a simple "Click here" doesn't cut it these days, that is the basic form of call to action which we are all by no conditioned to see. Get creative and descriptive, try something like this: -

"Get your 50% off today" - Click, job done! :)

"Start testing today" - Click, new user! :)

"New Winter Collection Out Now" - Click, hello new customers! :)

Sometimes it's doing the slightly out of the box actions which will get you noticed and get you the better results than before. Why settle for 1% click through rates, start experimenting with your target audience to try and engage with them.