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Landing Pages and Webforms Resources Page

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on September 16, 2015 21:38

Landing pages and webforms are a integral part of any marketing strategy/plan. They are a great way to channel new potential customers into your marketing funnel by sending them to relevant and interesting pages which contain the all important website forms.

Webforms are everywhere in daily life, you can't go on to a website without at least seeing one (if you don't see one....it's a little worrying for their business!) Whether these forms are to simply sign up for a newsletter or maybe more, maybe it's there offering you a free eBook or offer, their way, they are part of a balanced marketing plan. 

These forms, matched with attractive and appealing landing pages, whizz around the social media network interacting with people who are searching for your and your products/services. So the questions are - 1: Why do I need them? and 2. How go I get them!

Look no further for those answers!


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