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Creating a SMS Campaign

Last updated by Sam Brown on November 08, 2016 14:32

SMS campaigns are a great way to engage with your customers whether it is reminding them of an appointment, thanking them for an order they have made and letting them know it's been dispatched or whether it's just to send them the latest offer. In the system we enable you to create, schedule and send SMS Campaigns. 

Click on SMS and then "Create a SMS Campaign"

Type in a relevant reference name and select "Create and View". 

Then all you have to do is type in the relevant message within the phone screen. 

You have up to 900 characters that you are able to use for one campaign and each time you go over the amount for one credit we let you know how many it will be.... 

Once you are happy with the message you have entered click "Save & Proceed".  

You will then need to select the relevant contacts you wish to send the campaign from by simply selecting the relevant option and pressing "Continue". 

Once you have selected continue, you will then need to search for a contact to send the SMS to. You can do this by typing in a name under 'Available Contacts' then press enter or click the search button. This will display either one or more names for you to select. Once selected, the name will appear on the right under 'Contacts selected for this campaign', then click select to select the name. Once selected, click the proceed button.

Now select the relevant time you would like to send the campaign whether it is right away or a specific date and time. 

Once you're ready just click "Send my SMS Campaign".