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Why you can't afford to ignore SMS marketing

Last updated by Brandon Hewitt-Hunt on April 12, 2018 10:42

1)Far more responsive than other forms of marketing

The benefits of SMS marketing are clear, It immediately reaches its targets and thus, according to the Mobile Marketing Association, is 5 times more responsive than emailing! Furthermore, text messages don’t provide a major distraction as an email popping up and so can be read within a few seconds.

2)Great levels of affordability

SMS marketing campaigns can be run at a very good price, from as little as 4P per text with the correct suppliers! The only form of marketing which beats SMS on the cost front is email marketing but the increased response rates etc from SMS marketing more than makeup for this!

3)Compatible with devices

Unlike email campaigns, SMS marketing is compatible with the vast majority of mobile phones. You, therefore, don’t need to be too worried about having to win customers over with technology, they all have phones!

4)Easy to track

Most SMS providers do offer reporting on the deliverability of your campaigns. This means you will be able to see not only when your message was successfully delivered, but also when it was read or even clicked!

5)You’ll get the edge over rivals!

The reality is that UK businesses still aren’t using SMS marketing as a branch of their overall marketing strategy. The actual figure sits at just 32% of UK businesses using this properly.

If you decide to start using this, you will have the edge over the majority of businesses who don’t!