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Growing your database through online surveys

Last updated by Rich Orr on August 08, 2016 14:44

Quite often surveys are seen as just having value when sent out as part of an email campaign, targeted and clean. But we live in an age of Social Media with information flying out over the internet quicker than we can fathom what it actually means, so why not try and harness that information and that wider route to your customers (old, new and of course future!).

Using InTouch to build your survey will not only allow you to send it you your current database and find out what they are thinking about, but one of the first options you will come to will be labelled "Include Data Capture" (Shown Below)

Include data capture for anonymous respondents.

This is a very powerful tickbox, when the Survey is created, it will not only allow you to email it out, but it will also give you a special URL (Link) that you can add to your social media, your website or even just send it out at the bottom of your email signature.

You will see each URL for each sent survey (check your survey reports)

When someone then clicks on that link, they can complete your survey to give you extra feedback, but it also then asks them to give you something else in return - their details!

The Data Capture Form asks for just their First Name, Last Name their Email Address so that you not only know who answered what (it also helps to prevent duplicated survey results!) but it helps to build your database with new people to communicate with!

A simple and effective function!