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Last updated by Rich Orr on August 03, 2016 16:54

In business it is vital and important to keep your reviewing and constantly improving on what you offer and the service you provide as competition is rife. How do you know how well you are doing or if people like your service if you don't ask? 

When creating surveys it is key to keep them short, sharp and focused. So when creating them put yourself in your customers shoes and think about the language, audience and questions you are asking and whether people would like to complete the survey? 

Here's a quick list of the different question types that you are able to ask your customers:- 

Question type 1 - Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers

The Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers type of question allows you to ask recipients questions which could have more than one answer. 

For example: What's your favourite hobbies? The options that could be added in here could be - Football, Rugby, Socialising, etc and the users would be allowed to pick as many of the answers that you have added 

Below is an example: -

Question Type 2 - Multiple Choice, Single Answer

The Multiple Choice, Single Answer question type is similar to the multiple choice, multiple answer question type - However, recipients can only select ONE option rather than all of them. 

An example of how this can be would be to ask a question such as - Which sport do you prefer? Answers - Football, Rugby, Snooker, Tennis, Cricket - only ONE of these could be selected so they have to have a think about it!

Below is an example: - (note the circle boxes to the left, these are called radio buttons and only one can be selected)

Question Type 3 - Rating Scale

The Rating Scale question type can be used really effectively in surveys to ask people how they rate different items, services, places, etc. For example you could ask what people thought about their last purchase, adding in a rating of 1 (being bad) to 5 (being Great!) with all of the options in between.

For this one, we've included a screenshot of how you set this up effectively. You don't just put the answers in on separate lines (as you do with the other question types above) but you also add the ratings and what is displayed IE 1,2,3,4,5 / Excellent, good, ok, not ok / etc

Below is an example:- 

Question type 4 - Text Box

The Text Box option is simple, it is free text field which allows people to put comments in. It is very important that if you do select this question type, that you don't make it required (if people leave it blank, they can't complete the survey!) and you shouldn't include the option to "Allow Comments" as that gives them another text box and may confuse people.

The way this could work, is to simply ask people an open ended question and allow them to freely comment in their own words. Sometimes, this can give you a lot of powerful information!

Below is an example: -