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Completing a task

Last updated by Rich Orr on May 18, 2016 12:51

You have completed a task and now you want to mark it as such. Well there are two ways that you are able to do this; from within the contact record or from within the task section - you can pick which way is easier and most convenient for you.

Within the Contact record

Find that contact (via Contacts > Quick Search) or if you are already in the contact you will see the Outstanding Tasks in the top-right of the record:

So here by the outstanding tasks all you have to do is click the tick to mark it as done (you can also edit it if needs be - just a quick tip). 

Once you have completed that task you will see it appears in the Interactions section of the Contact record... 


Within the task section

Go to Tasks > Search or Find your Task and click on the Tick to mark it as complete:

You can then view your Completed tasks using the Complete filter: