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How can I avoid my links from spreading across the campaign?

Last updated by Rich Orr on June 09, 2015 18:05

You may have have inserted links into your email campaigns and been surprised at how the link auto-spreads into the clickable link when your campaign has been sent out?

A: The neatest way to manage these links is as follows. Lets take the forward to a friend link as an example:

The actual tag is %forward% but if you just insert %forward% into one of your main articles it will convert to about a line and a half of clickable text...not very user friendly for your recipients!

So a much better way is to type some lead-in text e.g. if you would like to forward this email please click here

Highlight the click here, click the link icon in the toolbar (chain link), select the Protocol Other then insert %forward% into the URL box, click OK.

This will embed the link "behind the scenes" for your recipients but at the front end they will simply click on click here and be taken straight to the forward table to fill in and action. Nice and simple from their perspective and neat and professional from your perspective!